10 Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Lubbock: Choosing The Perfect Home For Your Family

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Choosing a family-friendly neighborhood in Lubbock can ensure your first experience as a new resident is less enjoyable than stressful.

As a new resident, you likely don’t know the city’s layout. So, below are ten family-friendly Lubbock neighborhoods with plenty of options for new residents to find the right home.

Whether you are a new city resident or simply looking for a new home, don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Lubbock Lease Homes. We take great pride in treating our tenants like family. Contact us today or check out available properties, many of which are in family-friendly neighborhoods throughout the city.

Top Ten Neighborhoods In Lubbock For Families

Having lived in Lubbock for many decades, I can confidently say the following ten neighborhoods are some of the best for families.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of family-friendly neighborhoods in the city. However, the following represent some of the most popular neighborhoods covering all income levels.

1. Tech Terrace

Tech Terrace stands out as a prime choice for Lubbock families, conveniently north of Texas Tech University. Historically favored by students, this neighborhood has witnessed a notable shift in the past decade, with an increasing number of young families drawn to its allure. Parks, schools, and vibrant social spaces contribute to its family-friendly ambiance.

Diverse housing options, ranging from upscale residences to cozy two-bedroom duplexes, cater to various preferences. Enjoying a central location, Tech Terrace ensures that you’re never more than a short fifteen to twenty-minute drive from any part of the city, providing both accessibility and a sense of community.

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2. Preston Smith

Named after the former Governor of Texas, Preston Smith neighborhood is a family-oriented community offering a nurturing environment for residents. The local Preston Smith school, situated within the neighborhood, adds to its appeal to families.

A spacious central park and low crime rates enhance its desirability, making it an ideal choice for families seeking a secure and pleasant living experience.

3. Raintree

Raintree emerges as another family-friendly haven in south Lubbock, positioned just east of Lakeridge. Home to the esteemed Honey Elementary School, Raintree boasts a large central park that complements its family-oriented atmosphere.

With a mix of lease homes, homes for sale, and a few apartment complexes, this neighborhood caters to various residential preferences, making it an excellent choice for families and those seeking a serene living environment.

4. Quaker Heights

South of Loop 289, Quaker Heights unfolds as a well-situated middle-class neighborhood with family-friendly amenities. The neighborhood’s inclusion in the Quaker Heights Homeowners Association offers residents a neighborhood center and pool.

Within the Whiteside and Irongs Jr High school zones, Quaker Heights provides an attractive option for families. Proximity to Loop 289 facilitates easy city navigation, with both I-27 and the Marsha Sharp Freeway readily accessible.

5. Vintage Townhomes

Vintage Townhomes, among Lubbock’s most distinctive neighborhoods, caters to families seeking a safe and quiet community. Embracing a vintage ambiance with cozy houses and a town square feel, this area appeals to those desiring a unique residential experience.

While the narrow streets present a minor drawback, the neighborhood’s commitment to safety and tranquility makes it an excellent choice for families.

6. Melonie Park South

Melonie Park South is the southern half of the Melonie Park neighborhood. I’m including it as its own area because it is separated from the northern half by South Loop 298. Like the area to the north, it has a large park but also a community pool for the homeowners association.

The Melnie Park South area is quiet, with primarily middle-class homes. To the west, just across from Memphis Ave, is Kings Park, an upper-class area of the city. Both neighborhoods are quiet, have low crime rates, and are conveniently located, making it easy to quickly get anywhere in the city.

7. Lakeridge

Lakeridge, a hidden gem south of Quaker Heights, extends an invitation to families with its mix of upper-class and middle-class homes. The neighborhood’s standout feature is the LakeRidge Country Club, boasting an 18-hole golf course, clubhouse, swimming pool, and other athletic facilities.

While predominantly offering properties for sale, Lakeridge also provides a limited selection of rental homes, making it an attractive option for families seeking a high-quality living experience.

8. Maxey Park

Directly west of Tech Terrace, Maxey Park emerges as a family-friendly neighborhood with a distinctive character. The area primarily consists of lower to middle-class single-family homes, accompanied by some apartments in the southwest.

Noteworthy is the large park on the neighborhood’s central west side, offering families a spacious recreational area. Additionally, the medical district in the northern half, housing the Covenant Health System and various medical facilities, adds a practical dimension for families concerned with healthcare accessibility.

9. Remington Park

Nestled directly south of West Loop 289, Remington Park is a family-friendly neighborhood celebrated for its proximity to shops, restaurants, and the South Plains Mall.

The area is trendy among families with young children, as it is home to Whiteside Elementary and Irons Junior High School. Multiple parks within the neighborhood provide playgrounds and ample space for outdoor activities, contributing to the overall family-friendly atmosphere.

10. Melonie Park

Just south of Loop 289, Melonie Park South provides an ideal setting for families seeking a tranquil living environment. The neighborhood offers ample recreational opportunities with a large park featuring a playa lake in the southwest and another park southeast next to Miller Elementary School.

Characterized by middle to upper-middle-class homes, Melonie Park South caters to families looking for a quiet and family-oriented community.

What Should You Look For In a Family-Friendly Neighborhood In Lubbock

From the above list of family-friendly neighborhoods in Lubbock, you can further narrow them down based on your specific criteria. This will differ for each family, so take the time to understand and evaluate each of these criteria to help shorten your list of potential neighborhoods.

School Choices

Depending on the age of your children, school choice will likely be a motivating factor in where you decide to move to. This is especially true for elementary and middle school-aged children, as there are many schools at these levels.

Remember that Lubbock offers in-district transfers. If you want your child to attend a school that is outside your attendance zone or a magnet school, you can apply for a transfer. 

With that said, you are not guaranteed a transfer, especially at more popular schools. So, if you have a specific Lubbock school you would like your child to attend, the best way to guarantee a spot is to live in that school’s attendance zone.

Neighborhood Resources

There are plenty of Lubbock neighborhoods that offer extra resources to residents, especially those with homeowners associations. This can range from neighborhood community centers hosting special events to private neighborhood swimming pools, athletic facilities, or even private parks.

If you already know that you want these extra resources and are willing to pay the additional amount that it takes to live in these areas, then you have plenty of neighborhoods to choose from.

Areas like Lakeridge, for example, offer private country clubs with everything from an 18-hole golf course to a swimming pool and dining facilities. There are also major upper-class neighborhoods like The Falls with a members-only pool, upscale restaurants, and community resources. 

Many neighborhoods in the city offer these unique neighborhood resources. So, before settling on a specific neighborhood, take the time to look around and see which area is best for your family.

Nearness To Work/School

While Lubbock isn’t a large city in the same way that Dallas or Houston is, it is a growing city. The traffic and travel times have been lengthening compared to just a few years ago. I don’t expect this to change and fully expect the city to keep growing rapidly.

With this rapid growth, you can expect the city and state to be constantly playing catch-up with road work. This means increasing commute times and tighter traffic and road widening projects catch up.

Choosing a neighborhood near your work, school, or children’s school can save you some headaches dealing with increased traffic and construction.

Crime Rates

This final point is crucial, especially in the context of Lubbock. Many of the stories you will come across regarding crime in Lubbock paint the city as an overly dangerous place, which is misleading in the context of crime stats.

Unlike many other cities, Lubbock reports every call made to police in their crime stats, regardless of the severity of the crime and whether arrests were made. This contributes to highly inflated numbers compared to cities that only put certain types of crimes in stats or only include arrests or serious calls.

There are good areas and bad areas in Lubbock, just like any other city. The best way to understand if an area is good or bad is by looking at stats on a neighborhood level and also to try and speak with people who’ve lived there. 

If you have specific questions about neighborhoods in Lubbock, feel free to reach out, and I or one of my team will try and answer questions as objectively as possible based on our experience.

Find Your New Rental Home In One of Lubbock’s Family-Friendly Neighborhoods

Having lived here for many decades and raised multiple children in the city, Lubbock is an outstanding place for families. There are plenty of resources for families, and the combination of good schools and a close community make it a good area for raising kids.

There are also plenty of great neighborhoods to live in if you plan to relocate your family to Lubbock. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. And, if you are set on a specific area, check out our available units to see if we have the right rental home for your family.

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