Choosing the Best Lubbock School: A New Residents Guide to Lubbock’s Academic Landscape

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While moving to a new city can be stressful, one of the most crucial aspects of the moving process will be finding the right school in Lubbock for your children.

Thankfully, there are plenty of great options around the city. I’m here to help you understand what questions you should be asking, along with some of the different public and private options around Lubbock.

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Questions To Ask Before Deciding On a Lubbock School

Choosing the right school that will allow your child the best opportunities is essential to any parent. This is especially true when moving to a new city where you may not be as familiar with the educational opportunities.

Fortunately for parents moving to Lubbock, Texas, plenty of good options exist. Moreso, the educational landscape in Lubbock is evolving, with new school choices and programs being added at a rapid pace.

To help you better understand these different school options, there are a few questions you should first have clear answers to. These will ensure you select the right school for your specific requirements. 

What programs do you want your child to be in?

The most critical question you should first understand is what programs you want your child to be in. Lubbock offers a wide range of specialty programs targeted toward helping students develop critical career skills.

These programs fall under the Career and Technical Education (CTE) umbrella and are available to all students.

Along with these specialty programs are three International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in the city: Roscoe Wilson Elementary, JT Hutchinson Middle School, and Lubbock High School. 

Before moving to Lubbock, it can be helpful to fully understand which programs your child might be interested in or which programs you would like them to participate in. This will give you plenty of time to register and secure your child’s spot at the right school, especially if you seek a transfer. 

Will your child require special transportation?

The second question you should have answered is whether or not your child will need special transportation, i.e., will they need to ride the bus to school?

LISD provides bussing services for students in certain areas. The first question you should answer is whether or not you will need those bussing services. Then, you need to determine which neighborhoods provide services to the specific school you want your child to attend.

To help with this, the LISD website offers a school bus route finder. Simply enter the address of the lease home you are looking into, and the guide will tell you if bussing services are offered from that location to your desired school.

Does your child have special needs?

The final question you will need to have an answer to is whether or not your child has special needs. Since you will likely know the answer to this already, your primary consideration will be finding the best school for their needs.

LISD, like most other school districts, offers special education programs for children, from those with minor speech issues to those with more specific needs.

If you know or suspect your child might fall into this category, your best bet is to contact the LISD central office. The administrative staff will help you find support and better understand which schools suit your needs.

Top Schools In Lubbock

Below is a broad overview of the top-rated schools at each level. It’s important to note that I only focus on Lubbock Independent School District schools.

The map above shows that large areas of the city are outside the LISD boundary, especially in the newer developments in the southern and western parts of the city. These areas are primarily served by the Lubbock-Cooper School District and Friendship School District in the south and west, respectively.

Because Lubbock is a fast-growing city, these boundary lines may change as new schools are built. New residents need to check the official LISD website for the most up-to-date map of the district.

Top Rated Lubbock Elementary School

There are well over a dozen elementary schools within the LISD system. While they all have pros and cons, the following are the best ranked according to the US News School Rankings.

Roscoe Wilson Elementary

At the top of the list is Lubbock’s only IB elementary school. Roscoe Wilson Elementary is well regarded for its high academic standards and the quality of its students.

Located close to Texas Tech University, the school benefits from many academically gifted students and a diverse student population owing to parents from all over the world working at the nearby university. 

The school is located in the Tech Terrace Neighborhood, which has grown in popularity with families over the past decade, primarily because of Roscoe Wilson.

Honey Elementary

Honey Elementary is another school in Lubbock that is consistently ranked at the top of the list of Lubbock Elementary schools. New residents moving into the Raintree, Kings Park, and Melonie Park South neighborhoods fall into the Honey Elementary school zone.

The school offers various fine arts programs and a robust academic curriculum to benefit students. Children can begin at the Pre-K level, and attendance is up to the 5th grade. Honey Elementary is in the Monterey High School feeder pattern, with students moving from Honey to Evens Middle School.

Whiteside Elementary

According to the US News Elementary School Ranking Reports, Whiteside Elementary is the third-ranked elementary school in Lubbock. The school is located in the city’s southwestern part outside Loop 289.

The school offers courses to Pre-K through 5th-grade students and is home to the district’s Head Start Program, which provides Pre-K services to underserved communities. As with other elementary schools, Whiteside offers students art and music programs in addition to the standard curriculum to help round out their early education. 

Students in Quaker Heights, Spanish Oaks, and Remington Park neighborhoods fall into the Whiteside attendance zone. Other students who wish to transfer can apply for a transfer request at the beginning of the school year.

Top Rated Lubbock Middle School

As with other school districts, Lubbock Independent School District has a feeder pattern leading from elementary to middle school to high school. 

Students who complete the fifth grade in the LISD system then move on to middle school, which handles the sixth through eighth grades.

Traditionally, middle schools were referred to as junior high schools and covered the seventh through ninth grades. However, the current system was put in place in the late 2000s, and the names of all junior highs in the city changed.

JT Hutchinson Middle School

Hutchinson Middle School is the feeder school for Roscoe Wilson Elementary, Maedgen Elementary, and Ramirez Elementary. The school is the only IB middle school location in West Texas and holds students to a high academic standard.

The school is located in the Tech Terrace neighborhood, just a few blocks from Roscoe Wilson Elementary. Hutchinson caters to students in grades six through eight, with graduating students progressing to Lubbock High School.

Along with an enhanced curriculum, Hutchinson Middle School offers students a variety of athletic, musical, and artistic programs. The school is one of the only middle schools in Texas to receive a T.E.A. Distinction Designation every year since the program’s founding.

Commander William C McCool Academy

The William C. McCool Academy is one of the newest additions to the Lubbock Independent School District and a replacement for the previous Smiley Wilson Middle School. 

What makes the William C. McCool Academy unique is that it’s a magnet school that offers various specialty programs. These programs include introductions to engineering, information technology, and AV production & communication. 

The academy is located in the Coronado neighborhood in the central western area of the city inside Loop 289. Parents wishing their students to attend the magnet school will need to apply for a transfer request early to ensure placement in the program. 

Evans Middle School

Evans Middle School rounds out the top three middle schools in Lubbock. The school is located in the northwest corner of the Melonie Park neighborhood in the central southern area of the city, just inside Loop 289.

Like many of the other middle schools in Lubbock, Evans offers students specialty programs to help them discover different careers and keep them engaged in academics. Some programs offered at Evans include business & computer technology, AV production & communication, architecture, family & consumer science, engineering, and college readiness programs.

The school is a feeder for Miller Elementary, Honey Elementary, and Waters Elementary schools. Due to the popularity of the middle school, parents wishing to transfer their child in should make their transfer requests early.

Top Top Rated Lubbock High School

Unlike the many elementary and middle schools in Lubbock, only four primary high schools in LISD proper exist. There are other highly rated options in surrounding districts.

Parents wishing their children to attend schools in one of these districts must apply for an out-of-district transfer. You can find out more information about this process on the website of the district you are looking at transferring your child into.

Lubbock High School

Lubbock High School is the oldest high school in Lubbock and the only IB high school in the district. Along with high academic standards, the school is known for being the alma mater of Buddy Holly, along with other notable graduates.

Students attending Lubbock High School have plenty of programs to choose from. The school is home to one of two JROTC programs in the city. Other areas of interest include robotics, engineering, architecture, and many other specialty programs and advanced courses.

The school is a feeder school for Cavazos and Hutchinson Middle Schools. As the school is popular, parents of students wishing to transfer to Lubbock High School should apply early to better their odds of securing an available slot.

Alternative Schools In Lubbock

For parents and students looking to place children in alternative educational programs, either to help them graduate faster or those interested in specific school types, there are options in Lubbock.

In this school grouping, I’m focusing on alternative schools that have been created with the specific goal of helping to advance students’ educational well-being. 

The term alternative school is also sometimes used in the city to describe alternative facilities for students with specific issues such as pregnancy, disciplinary issues, or extreme special educational needs. None of these fall under this category.

Premier High School

Premier High School is a charter school with a self-motivated curriculum to help students graduate early. As with all charter schools, the high school holds a charter from the State of Texas and conforms to all standards set forth under that charter.

The school is located in Wayland Plaza on the city’s west side outside Loop 289. However, students from all over Lubbock are permitted to attend with no tuition charged.

A limited number of placements are available each year, so applying as soon as possible is recommended for interested students.

Talkington School for Young Women Leaders

One of the newer additions to the Lubbock Independent School District is the Talkington School for Young Women Leaders. This all-girls school is dedicated to helping girls in grades 6 through 12 excel.

This is a magnet school, so you must apply for your daughter to be transferred in. As with many of the other middle schools and high schools within the city, the campus offers specialty programs to provide students with career and college preparatory skills.

Since this is a magnet school, you don’t need to live in a specific attendance zone for your student to attend. The campus is located in the northeast part of the city, directly south of Estacado High School.

Private Schools in Lubbock

The final school grouping I’ll cover is the private schools within Lubbock. It’s important to note that virtually all the city’s private schools are religious. A few exceptions exist, but the top choices are all different religious schools.

All Saints Episcopal School

All Saints Episcopal School is consistently rated as the top private school in Lubbock on and is just shy of being in the top fifty private schools in Texas.

The campus is located in the newer southern area of the city outside of Loop 289. Along with stellar academics, the private school offers students smaller class sizes and balances the focus on fine arts and athletics.

Students pre-k through 12th grade can attend the school. More information about tuition and enrollment can be found on the All Saints website.

Christ the King

Christ the King is a private catholic school and the second most highly rated private school in the City of Lubbock. Like All Saints, the school offers a rigorous academic curriculum in a structured environment. 

Students can participate in various programs, including special academic courses and athletic programs focused on teaching discipline and teamwork. This is in combination with an emphasis on spiritual growth that a standard catholic education seeks to instill.

The campus is open to students pre-k through the 12th grade, both boys and girls. Parents interested in finding out more about enrolling their children can seek information through the Christ the King website.

Lubbock Christian School

Number three for private schools in Lubbock is Lubbock Christian School. The campus is adjacent to Lubbock Christian University and caters to pre-k through 12th-grade students. 

As with the other private religious schools in Lubbock, students at Lubbock Christian can expect a rigorous academic environment with a balanced focus on academic excellence and spiritual development.

Other programs include various athletics, fine arts, and college preparatory courses at the higher level. Parents interested in learning more about the private school can do so on the Lubbock Christian School website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lubbock Schools

The best source of information about the Lubbock Independent School District is the official LISD website. However, here are some answers to basic questions that can help you find the right school for your child as a new Lubbock resident.

Can a child attend a school out of their attendance zone?

Lubbock Independent School District students can attend schools outside their attendance zone. However, spots at schools are reserved first for in-zone students and second for transfer students on a first come, first serve basis based on the number of extra spots open.

It’s crucial for parents who wish to transfer their children to an out-of-zone school to register as early as possible. Some schools are more popular than others, and getting your child’s transfer request in early can better ensure they get in if spots are available. 

What age can children attend school in Lubbock?

Four years old is the earliest a child can attend school in Lubbock’s public school district. Students must be at least four years of age on or before the school year in question to attend the LISD pre-k program. 

Legally, all children at least six years up to the age of 19 must be enrolled in school in Texas and working toward a diploma.  

What programs are offered at Lubbock schools?

The Lubbock Independent School District offers a wide range of academic and athletic programs geared toward helping students achieve their educational goals. While all of the basic programs can be found, others of interest include:

  • Business
  • Robotics
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • JROTC (Navy and Army)
  • Agricultural
  • Architecture

These are just a few of the many programs on offer at LISD. Also, new programs are regularly added as the district and its available resources grow. The best way to find out the complete list of programs currently offered at LISD schools is through their official website.

Are there private schools in Lubbock?

Multiple private schools exist in Lubbock, Texas, and the surrounding communities. Most of these schools are religious, including:

  • All Saints Episcopal School
  • Christ the King
  • Lubbock Christian School
  • Trinity Christian School
  • Southcrest Christian School
  • Sharp Academy

For parents who want an alternative to the public school district and who want something other than religious private schools, there is a Montessori school in neighboring Wolforth. The Tas Montessori School is located just a few miles outside Lubbock and is well-rated among past and present attendees. 

Getting Started With The Registration Process

While becoming a new Lubbock resident and choosing a new school can be stressful for both children and adults, you can be assured that the city offers solid educational opportunities.

As long as you are clear on what you’re looking for from your child’s schooling and what types of programs you want them in, you should have no trouble finding the right school for your child.

If you’ve already committed to a school but still need to select a home, look at our lease home selection. At Lubbock Lease Homes, we take pride in providing our tenants with the highest quality living spaces, including new families in our great city of Lubbock.

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