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Meet Robert Chesser of Lubbock Lease Homes

Robert Chesser Lubbock Lease Homes

We are Lubbock Lease Homes. I am Robert Chesser. Our team here is composed of myself, Marilyn Cone and Vince Davis. Marilyn is a business partner and Vince is my son and head of Maintenance and Construction.

I started my career in Home Building and Remodeling in 1970 in Fredericksburg Texas. After six successful years there, I moved my family and business to San Angelo where I built Custom Homes. I spent another 6 years there and then purchased a Home Building company here in Lubbock. I continued custom building for another 8 years until I went into Commercial Construction.  I did that for a couple of years until I met Marilyn and decided to start a partnership purchasing and remodeling homes for lease. We incorporated in October 1990 and have been doing that ever since.

We believe in” living in what we lease” so along with living in our homes, we try to maintain the originality of the home with updated appliances, bath fixtures, electrical, plumbing-heating & cooling systems. I believe that anyone can build a new house but it takes a true artisan to restore the ambiance of the original home, while making it as energy efficient and livable as possible.

For the future, we believe in providing the best possible customer service available and providing the most comfortable housing for our tenants. We believe that our tenants are part of our family and we always try to treat them as such.

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