Moving to Lubbock: Every Detail You Should Know Before Making the Move

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Moving to Lubbock can mark an exciting chapter in the lives of new residents. Whether you’re a student at one of the multiple universities, a family relocating for work, or just looking for a change of scenery, the city has something for everyone.

As with any major move, having a list of pre and post-move tips can make the process more seamless. However, we will take that a step further to help you understand the essentials of living in the city.

At Lubbock Lease Homes, we take pride in our community and assisting potential tenants in any way possible. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. If you’re still looking for a place to call home in Lubbock, check out our available properties for rent.

Quick Things To Know Before Moving To Lubbock

Before we dive into our pre and post-moving advice, there are a few basics to get out of the way that can help when making your move.

Cost of Living In Lubbock

Talk to many of the folks who’ve moved to Lubbock over the years, and one of the common reasons for the move is the cost of living.

Even people who moved for other reasons, such as university students, often find themselves staying for the lower cost of living.

While things have become more expensive since 2021, owing to higher inflation and population increase, Lubbock still comes in as one of the cheaper cities in Texas compared to similar cities.

More importantly, with a median household income of $54,060 growing at an average of 4.7% yearly, Lubbock is bucking the national trend of a 2.3% decline in household income.

It should be noted that while the median household income in Lubbock is lower than the rest of the US, the total is affected by the city being home to a large population of college and university students. Located in Lubbock are Texas Tech University, the 37th largest US university by enrollment, along with Lubbock Christian University, Wayland Baptist University, and South Plains College.

Lubbock’s average household income is $76,311, which is likely a more balanced view of the real household income accounting for the higher student population.

Lubbock Climate

Another significant benefit of living in Lubbock is the climate. With an average of 262 days of sunshine each year, Lubbock ranks number 17 in the United States for cities with the most sunshine.

Any local will tell you that the weather can sometimes be erratic, with high winds and the occasional dust storm. However, you can expect sunshine most of the year, with an average temperature of 61.4 degrees.

The coldest months are November through March, with May through October remaining warm and sunny.

Typically, you don’t have to worry about significant weather events. There are occasional hail storms in the city and, less frequently, major winter freezes. These are often known beforehand, and preparing for them is simple.

While Lubbock is considered to be in the middle of Tornado Alley, there has not been a major tornadic event in the city since 1970.

There are better places in the United States in terms of weather. However, Lubbock is still okay if you want sunshine most of the year.

Education In Lubbock

For families moving to the city, Lubbock has plenty to offer in terms of schooling. The city is served by the Lubbock Independent School District, with neighboring Frienship Independent School District and Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District also rated highly.

The Lubbock Independent School District generally performs above average when compared to the state of Texas. In fact, according to the Texas Tribune, college readiness for Lubbock students is higher in all areas (reading and math) than other schools in the state.

Lubbock also has various specialty programs to help prepare students for specific high-level vocations, including robotics, engineering, medicine, law enforcement, finance, and marketing.

At the college and university level, there are four institutions of higher education in the city, including:

  • Texas Tech University
  • Lubbock Christian University
  • Wayland Baptist University
  • South Plains College

The largest is Texas Tech University, an R1: Doctoral University. Along with highly rated undergraduate and graduate programs, the university is known for top-tier athletic programs and a vibrant and international student body.

Getting Around The City

The primary mode of transportation around the city is via personal vehicle. Unfortunately, Lubbock does not have a robust public transportation system.

It is highly recommended that you have a car in the city. With that said, one primary upside is that you can get virtually anywhere in 20 minutes or less, usually closer to 10 minutes or less. This is owing to the relatively well-planned road system.

One thing to note is that construction has become a daily part of traveling around Lubbock. As with any growing city, new projects are constantly being undertaken to widen roads, especially in the outer parts of the city, and to streamline traffic and travel within the city.

While I highly recommend you have a personal vehicle within the city, there are a few caveats for specific types of people. Texas Tech students, for example, can more easily get by without having a vehicle if they plan to spend most of their time around campus.

There is a public bus company, Lubbock Citibus, that serves the city. One issue with relying on the bus is that it ends service unusually early, at 8 pm. However, it is mostly reliable, and the bus route goes throughout most of the city.

For university students, there is a particular route that exists to help them get to and from the campus and surrounding areas where students typically live, including:

  • Tech Terrace Neighborhood
  • South Overton Neighborhood
  • North Overton Neighborhood
  • North By Northwest Neighborhood
  • Arnett Benson Neighborhood

Along with Citibus, if you are committed to going without a vehicle, you can quickly get around Lubbock using Uber, cab services such as West Texas Cab Company or Yellow Cab of Lubbock, or via scooter or bike if you live around the campus.

If you ever need to get out of the city, you can easily do so via Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport. Most flights from the airport will connect in Dallas, but there are plenty of direct flights to major cities throughout the United States.

Local Lubbock Economy

As hinted at previously, the Lubbock economy is stable and, historically, has faired well even during broad economic downturns. During my time in the city, I’ve found it resilient owing to the mix of industries within the city and county.

While Lubbock is known for being a college town, it’s also an agricultural powerhouse, with over 4% of the world’s total cotton output coming from the region. This combination of agricultural output and being home to a major research university makes Lubbock a key point of agricultural research.

Along with agribusiness, the city is a regional medical hub and is notable for medical research and innovation. The Texas Tech University Health Science Center is ranked number 19 among the top medical schools in the United States and 96th for medical research. 

The top employers within the city of Lubbock include:

  • Texas Tech University
  • Covenant Health Systems
  • Lubbock Independent School District
  • University Medical Center
  • United Supermarkets
  • City of Lubbock
  • Texas Tech University Health Science Center
  • AT&T
  • Lubbock County

Along with these employers, new companies have begun to expand into the city, helping to grow the over $13 billion real GDP. An example of the growing economy is the $1 billion cheese plant built by Leprino Foods, which is expected to contribute over $1 billion annually to the local economy.

While in a different league than major Texas cities such as Dallas and Austin, Lubbock is an economically strong city expected to keep growing steadily.

Preparing For Your Move

Now that you better understand the city and the many benefits of moving to the region, I’ll give you an insider’s guide to moving. 

All of the advice herein is based on personal experience as both a resident of Lubbock and the owner of Lubbock Lease Homes. I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of tenants find a home within the city, many first-time residents. 

Renting vs. Buying

The question of renting or buying will mainly come down to why you’re moving to the city. 

Most people moving here as students will likely be interested in renting. However, even non-students must consider this choice before moving to the city. With Lubbock’s fast pace of growth and development, housing is in short supply and running at a premium. 

I’ve known multiple people on the buying and selling sides of the housing equation over the past few years. On the seller side, I’ve seen houses sell mere hours after being listed. Sometimes, a simple sign in front of the yard has led to a sale before the property could even be listed online.

On the buyer side, people I’ve known have had to wait months to find a home due to the limited supply and increased demand. I’ve spoken with multiple people who’ve moved to Lubbock for work and are forced to stay at long-stay hotels while they wait for properties to become available. 

Also of note, the housing market in Lubbock has been relatively high since 2021. As of 2023, Forbes has ranked the Lubbock housing market as the most overpriced in the country. While Lubbock is still cheaper than other cities in Texas, the high cost in the current market should still be considered. 

One of the critical questions you will need to answer before making your move is how much time you have to search for a property and how desperate you are to buy a home.

Even if you plan on purchasing a home in Lubbock, leasing a home can allow you time to acclimate to the city. This gives you the benefit of a better understanding of where to buy a home and will enable you to select the exact home you want.

Choosing a Neighborhood

There are many neighborhoods in Lubbock catering to many different types of people. One of the most important things you can do before moving to the city is understand which neighborhoods are best for your needs, ensuring you are happy with your move.

While going through the complete list of Lubbock neighborhoods is a bit much for this article, I can give you a few neighborhoods that will appeal to different people. 

For University Students:

There are plenty of areas around Lubbock with reasonably priced rentals that would appeal to university students. Where you live will largely be dictated by which university you are attending. For this article, I assume that most people moving to Lubbock attend Texas Tech and that you will want to live close to the campus and other students. 

Tech Terrace

As the name implies, the Tech Terrace neighborhood is directly south of Texas Tech University. The neighborhood is popular with students as well as professors and young families. The area is mixed with upscale homes making up much of the northern half of the neighborhood and smaller, more affordable homes on the southern half. The neighborhood is highly walkable and benefits from a neighborhood grocery store, coffee shop, restaurants, and a brewery.

 Heart of Lubbock

The Heart of Lubbock neighborhood is directly east of Tech Terrace and is increasingly popular with students due to more affordable rents. The neighborhood is experiencing a revitalization. However, the western half between Avenue U and University Avenue is the better option for students, with the area east of Avenue U to Avenue Q representing mixed lower-income households. Students can bike to and from Texas Tech and surrounding areas and are near bars and restaurants across from campus.

South Overton

The South Overton neighborhood is directly east of Texas Tech University and north of the Heart of Lubbock Neighborhood. The area comprises the southern half of the renovated Overton district. The southern half is popular with students who want to live in a home instead of the many student-living apartments around the area. Along University Avenue, there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and various other shops of interest to students. You can quickly get to campus by bike, walking, scooter, or bus.

North Overton

The North Overton neighborhood comprises the southern half of the Overton district and lies directly to the north of Broadway Avenue and the South Overton neighborhood. The neighborhood mainly contains large student-living apartment complexes with houses spread throughout the area. On the neighborhood's west side, along University Avenue, are various restaurants and shops. Similarly, along Avenue Q, along the neighborhood's east side, are a Walmart and many other shops.

Maxey Park

The Maxey Park neighborhood in Lubbock, also known as the medical district, is located directly west of Tech Terrace and to the south of Texas Tech University. The neighborhood is cheaper than Tech Terrace. However, it is less friendly to walk and bike due to being a bit further away and having to cross multiple major streets to get to campus. The neighborhood's northern part comprises the Covenant medical system and various doctors' and specialists' offices and clinics. The western part of the neighborhood has a large park with plenty of room for outdoor play and exercise.

For Families:

Dozens of neighborhoods in Lubbock are great for families of all sizes. However, to keep this list manageable, we'll focus on a few neighborhoods around the city that are good for new families.

Note that I'm purposely skipping out on the upper-class neighborhoods. I assume that people looking at homes in these neighborhoods will have no problem getting information about them from realtors and agents. Some of these neighborhoods include Lakeridge, Vintage Township, and The Falls. 

There are also dozens of new sub-divisions around the south and southwest parts of the city worth checking out if you are looking to purchase a new home. 

Maxey Park

Though the eastern and northern parts of the neighborhood are popular with students, young families looking for reasonably priced two and three-bedroom homes can do well here. The proximity to Maxey Park means children will have an area to play, and being close to the medical district means you won't have too far to travel for doctor appointments. The area is zoned for Overton Elementary School, Mackenzie Middle School, and Coronado High School.

Tech Terrace

While the neighborhood has long been popular with Texas Tech students and employees, it has quickly become one of the best for young families wanting their children to attend highly rated Roscoe Wilson Elementary and JT Hutchinson Middle School. Located within the neighborhood are two large parks, one consisting of a vast open space popular with runners and dog walkers and the other consisting of a playground and tennis courts. 

Wheelock and Monterey

Wheelock and Monterey is an older neighborhood popular due to its proximity to Monterey High School. It's centrally located, making it easy to get almost anywhere within the city quickly. A large grocery store, Market Street, is conveniently located along the neighborhood's southwest corner. The area has many affordable rentals and is overall safe, with the neighborhood zones for Wheelock Elementary, O.L. Slaton Middle School, and Monterey High School.

Melonie Park

Melonie Park is a neighborhood located just inside Loop 289 between Quaker and Indiana Avenues and just south of 50th Street. The area offers a good mixture of lower and upper-middle-class homes and is popular with families due to its central location and nearness to restaurants and shopping. There is a large park in the southwest corner of the neighborhood. Melonie Park is zoned for Miller Elementary School, Evans Middle School, and Monterey High School.

Preston Smith

Unlike the other neighborhoods mentioned thus far, Preston Smith is located outside Loop 289, one of the primary roads in Lubbock. The neighborhood consists almost entirely of middle and upper-middle-class homes, with some businesses bordering the northern part of the neighborhood along 82nd Street. Preston Smith is a great neighborhood for families that want a quiet and safe community. The neighborhood is zoned for Preston Smith Elementary School, Irons Middle School, and Coronado High School.

Quaker Heights

Like Preston Smith, the Quaker Heights neighborhood is located on the south side of Lubbock outside of Loop 289. The neighborhood is comprised mainly of upper and middle-class homes with a few apartment complexes on the northeast side of the neighborhood. Various restaurants and businesses are located along the northern and northeastern parts of the neighborhood and the southwest corner. Also located in the neighborhood's southwest corner is a large park with a playground, open fields, and a running trail. The neighborhood is zoned for Whiteside Elementary, Irons Middle School, and Coronado High School.

For Singles

Lubbock can be a great place for singles, with many university graduates choosing to stay in the city to begin their careers. There are many neighborhoods that can be appealing to young singles.

As with the neighborhoods mentioned above for families, there are dozens of neighborhoods that will appeal to singles. However, we will focus on a few favorites with notable features.

Downtown Lubbock

For the longest time, Downtown Lubbock has been the domain of government offices with tons of abandoned buildings and few reasons to go there beyond business or official reasons. However, over the past decade, the City of Lubbock and private investors have been pouring millions into growing the area. There are now restaurants, bars, a new park, apartments, and a new condominium project in the neighborhood, with more in the pipeline.

Maxey Park

Maxey Park is again on the list of neighborhoods as it's one of the cheaper locations within the city for singles and near enough to shopping, nightlife, restaurants, and business areas. This is an excellent area for young medical professionals who don't want to be far from work. 

Tech Terrace

Due to its proximity to business areas, shopping, and popular nightlife spots, Tech Terrace is another good neighborhood for singles. The large park near the center of the neighborhood makes for a good location if you enjoy running and regular exercise. Multiple bars and breweries are also within and around the neighborhood, perfect for meeting new people.

South Overton

Despite being next to Texas Tech University, the South Overton neighborhood is near the city's major nightlife and downtown business district. You can easily access anywhere in the city using the Marsha Sharp Freeway and have plenty of options with many unique and affordable home rentals to choose from in the neighborhood.


One final area that can be good for singles moving to Lubbock is the Maedgen neighborhood. While less lively than areas like South Overton and Tech Terrace, the Maedgen neighborhood offers many affordable rentals in a mostly quiet neighborhood central to the city. From the area, you can get to any of the city's business, shopping, or nightlife areas within fifteen minutes.

Finding Work In Lubbock

As with any other mid-sized city, finding work is relatively easy, with many jobs available through online job databases and visiting company websites directly.

The breakdown of the Lubbock job market by top industries is as follows:

For younger college students, top employers within the city include various grocery stores, retail establishments, and restaurants. These include:

  • United Supermarkets
  • HEB
  • Walmart
  • South Plains Mall (retail stores)

Specialized labor in the city is primarily concentrated in the medical and agricultural sectors, as well as education. 

Top websites to find more advanced jobs in the city include:

There are also plenty of places around the city that operate the old-fashioned way through paper applications. These are typically smaller businesses but sometimes have relatively well-paying jobs available. If you can't find what you want on one of these websites, don't hesitate to call companies directly. 

After The Move To Lubbock

Once you're in the city, there are still a few things you'll need to know and set up. Below are the key things to help new residents better settle in after moving.

Setting Up Utilities

Setting up utilities in the city of Lubbock is relatively straightforward. Lubbock Power and Light provides electricity in the city, with more providers planning to operate after the city opens up to customer choice in March 2024. 

Until then, you can set up your trash, electricity, and water on the City of Lubbock Utilities page on the city website. 

Electricity in the city is reliable throughout most areas, with some older parts experiencing occasional power outages. Water is also reliable and clean in the city, with most of it sourced from groundwater in Bailey and Roberts counties, along with Lake Merideth to the north and nearby Lake Allen Henry.

Choosing an Internet Provider

Along with utilities, you'll likely want to have home internet. I recommend checking with all of the providers listed below to see which ones offer the best deal for the neighborhood you move to.

It should be noted while Lubbock is quickly catching up with fiber being laid around the city, there are still neighborhoods and individual apartment complexes where high-speed internet isn't yet available. 

However, even without a fiber connection, I've never had any problems with internet speeds within the city.

The primary providers of internet within the city of Lubbock include:

  • AT&T Internet
  • Optimum
  • Vexus
  • EarthLink
  • Windstream

As mentioned, different providers will have different availability depending on which neighborhood or apartment complex you move to. So, you must contact each provider to see who has the best speeds at the best prices.

Shopping For Clothes

You may find a smaller selection of shops than in larger cities. However, Lubbock has everything you need.

The main two shopping areas in the city are the South Plains Mall and the West End shopping district. Within these two locations, you will find various shops, including:

  • Dillards (Luxury Department Store)
  • Nike
  • American Eagle
  • H&M
  • Forever 21
  • Gap

These are just a few examples, but within these two areas are dozens of stores with almost everything you will need.

If you're looking to get lower-priced clothing, there is a Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx in the city, along with Marshalls and Ross.

There are also various local shopping venues, including, on the higher end, Malouf's, H G Thrash, Chrome, and many others.

Remember that Lubbock can get cooler in the winter with the occasional snow day. Make sure you stock up on clothing for each season if you are moving from a warmer location where winter clothing is unnecessary. 

Where To Buy Furniture

Surprisingly, There are quite a few places to buy expensive and cheap furniture within Lubbock.

I'll start by saying Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are the best options for discount furniture. If you can wait until around May, many students are graduating and moving out of the city, looking to unload furniture quickly and cheaply to avoid paying moving fees.

This can be an excellent option for students moving into the city who want to avoid paying full price for new furniture. If you don't mind paying full price, there are quite a few options.

I'll make two lists with lower-priced furniture options and higher-priced options to make things easier. We'll start with the lower-priced options:

  • Walmart
  • Texas Discount Furniture
  • Big Lots
  • American Freight Furniture
  • Lubbock Mattress Sale

On the higher end, there are also plenty of selections. I'll note that I'm giving in medium to high-end furniture stores. However, the higher-level stores will be at the end of the list.

  • Sofa Mart
  • Oak Express
  • Denver Mattress
  • Bob Mills Furniture
  • Haverty's Furniture
  • Miller Waldrop Furniture

These are just a few of the options within the city. If none of these have what you are looking for, then take your time to look around at the other options. There are also plenty of second-hand stores where decent quality furniture can be found. 

Grocery Store Options

Lubbock has a few different options for grocery stores. If you are moving in from a larger city, you may be underwhelmed with the selection.

 The primary grocery chain within the city is United Supermarkets. These stores will have everything you need, from fresh produce and meats to frozen foods. There are larger versions called Market Streets, with cooked food and broader selections of gourmet options.

Newer to the city is HEB. There is currently only one store but, if you are on the city's south side, you can shop here for everything you need.

 Finally, there is a Sprouts. These offer organic foods and healthy options if you are focused on maintaining a clean diet. You can also find cheaper vitamins and supplements here, with a wide variety to choose from. 

If none of these have what you are looking for, you can check out the various Asian grocers, fresh butchers, and farmer's markets throughout the city. There are also several specialty food stores with unique spices and imported foods.

Things To Do In Lubbock

Lubbock may not make the list of the most exciting places in the world, but there are plenty of things to do around the city. Along with the typical nightlife, there are plenty of activities, events, and places to visit to keep you entertained for years.


Lubbock offers movie lovers a few different options for movie theaters. There are five movie theaters in total, four traditional movie theaters and a drive-in movie theater on the city's north side.

The two older movie theaters are Tinseltown and Movie 16, both owned and operated by the Cinemark chain of movie theaters. Both offer a more traditional movie-going experience with standard concessions and theater screens.

The next two theaters are the Alamo Drafthouse and Premier Cinema inside the South Plains Mall. Both offer a more robust movie-going experience, with bars in each and the option for full dining. 

The Alamo Drafthouse, in particular, is a favorite of moviegoers with special events and screenings of classics. The chain is also famous for its unique selection of beers and wines and its strict policies against disruptions such as phones and talking within the theater.

Live Music

If there is one thing that Lubbock is known around the world for, it's being the home of the legendary Buddy Holly, along with numerous other country and rock musicians. Other popular acts originating from Lubbock and nearby areas include the Dixie Chicks, Waylon Jennings, Mac Davis, Josh Abbott, and others.

Music lovers can enjoy live music consistently throughout the year at popular venues around the city, including:

  • Jakes Backroom
  • Buddy Holly Hall
  • The Blue Light
  • The Cactus Theater
  • United Spirit Arena
  • The Garden
  • Lonestar Amphitheater
  • Bar PM
  • Cowpokes
  • South Plains Fair Park Coliseum
  • Cooks Garage

Along with these primary music venues, plenty of bars and restaurants around the city host special events such as jazz nights. The best way to find out what events are upcoming in the city is through events websites such as Songkick, venue websites, or the websites of local radio stations. 

Popular local radio stations where you can easily find information about concerts include:

  • KFMX - Rock (94.5 FM)
  • KLLL - Country (96.3 FM)
  • KONE - Rock (101.1 FM)
  • KMMX - Top 40 (100.3 FM)
  • KKCL - Classics (98.1 FM)
  • KZII - Top 40 (102.5 FM)
  • KBTE - Hip Hop (104.9 FM)

There are plenty of other radio stations in the city, spanning from talk radio to Tejano and college rock. Each of these stations will likely have events they sponsor. If you don't see anything on the above list that interests you, check out the many other Lubbock stations' websites. 

Live Sport

While less popular than other Texas cities such as San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston, there are plenty of live sporting events in Lubbock if that's more your speed.

The city's most popular option for sporting events is the various college and university teams, most notably those with Texas Tech University. Saturdays during football season are busy days around the Tech Campus and Jones AT&T Stadium, with Tech men's and women's basketball equally popular.

Texas Tech also has a baseball team and has recently grown in popularity due to its women's soccer teams.


Golfers will be delighted to know there are seven golf courses around the city, including the challenging and highly acclaimed Rawls Course.

There are three public courses, three private courses, and the Rawls Course, which was purpose-built for Texas Tech University. Courses in Lubbock include:

  • Shadow Hills (public)
  • Meadowbrook Creek & Canyon Courses (public)
  • Lubbock Country Club (private)
  • Hillcrest Country Club (private)
  • Lakeridge Country Club (private)
  • Reese Golf Center (public)
  • Rawls Course at Texas Tech (campus)

Along with the many courses in the city, there are multiple driving ranges. Popular with golfers is The Range, an outdoor golfing range known for its laidback atmosphere.

There is also a modern hi-tech range called GolfSuites (4ORE Golf) located in the western part of the city. Along with these two ranges, each public and private course has driving ranges that are easily accessible to members and the public at large.


Lubbock may not be Broadway, but plenty of stage productions still make their way to the city throughout the year. Typically, these are popular productions, with examples including The Book of Mormon, The Lion King, Cats, and others.

Most of these productions are held at The Buddy Holly Hall, with some large productions at the Texas Tech University Theater. Along with these major productions, each year brings popular kids' productions for families, such as Sesame Street Live and Paw Patrol Live.

You can find out more information about stage productions happening in Lubbock at:

You can also look on event websites such as Eventbrite to get a broader schedule of shows happening in Lubbock.


Lubbock isn't known as a hub for museums and culture, but that doesn't mean you should discount the museums in and around the city.

The city has multiple popular museums covering various topics, from windmills to old ranching homes. Here is a breakdown of each museum.

Museum of Texas Tech University

The Museum of Texas Tech University is the largest museum in Lubbock and a popular attraction for visitors and locals alike. Permanent installations include exhibits on the history of Lubbock from prehistoric to more modern times, an art gallery, and pieces from ancient Asia and Mesoamerica.

Throughout the year, there are new exhibits ranging from art to historical exhibits. Information about these can be found on the Texas Tech Museum website. The museum is free to visitors. However, the Moody Planetarium adjacent to the museum does require a prior ticket purchase.

Ranching Heritage Center

The National Ranching Heritage Center is one of the more unique museums in Lubbock and a popular place for visitors, schools, and locals. You can find various homes that have been preserved from times when Texas was vast and open ranching land.

There is a ranching museum along with the homes on the property, and regular events are held throughout the year. You can find information about events on the Ranching Heritage website.

American Windmill Museum

The American Windmill Museum is a highly-rated collection of almost every windmill type used in the United States. Throughout the museum are stories of the windmills used throughout the past few centuries and a history of the evolution of the windmill. The museum is the largest windmill museum in the world and is a must-see for new city residents.

Silent Wings Museum

Those interested in WWII will be excited to know that a dedicated museum exists near the Preston Smith International Airport. The Silent Wings Museum is dedicated to World War II Glider Pilots and even features a restored model that visitors can enter. Further, the museum is housed in the old Lubbock airport terminal building, adding to the historic appeal.

Lubbock Lake Historical Landmark

One final museum of note is the Lubbock Lake Landmark. While not a museum in the traditional sense, the area offers a unique look at prehistoric man and the historical significance of the area. The Lubbock Lake Landmark is an active archeological site, so some areas are still off-limits. However, an indoor exhibit shows the history and findings of the dig, along with walking trails throughout the grounds with info plaques describing the different flora and fauna.

Science Spectrum

The Science Spectrum differs from the other museums on this list in that it focuses on science and technology rather than history. There are three floors full of exhibits ranging from physics to aeronautics and other areas of scientific study. Further, an OMNIMAX theater shows educational documentaries and films covering a wide range of topics. Tickets for the science center and the OMNI theater can be purchased at the front.

Other Attractions

Along with the above, there are plenty more things to do around the city, from shopping to events and unique attractions.

The South Plains Mall offers dozens of stores and a lively food court if you're into shopping. There are also various shopping areas, such as the Canyon West shopping development, with plenty to offer.

If you're looking for excitement, you can visit Adventure Park, with everything from go-karts to a ropes course and miniature golf. 

There are also plenty of surrounding aquatic attractions, including Buffalo Springs Lake, Lake Ransom Canyon, Yellow House Canyon, and Lake Allen Henry, a bit further out. 

The city is within a six-hour drive of the Sierra Blanca mountain range, with Ruidoso, New Mexico, one of the more popular spots to visit. You can also easily take day trips to spots like Palo Duro Canyon, Monahans Sandhills Park, and many other locations.

Lastly, if you're looking to escape to a bigger city for the weekend, Dallas is within an hour's flight or five hours by car. You can also quickly get to San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Denver, Phoenix, and many other cities directly from Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport. 

Are You Ready for Your Move?

Whether you're moving here as a student or a family looking for a lower cost of living, Lubbock has something for everyone. I firmly believe the city is a hidden gem slowly being discovered.

I understand that moving can be both challenging and, at times, stressful. For this reason, here at Lubbock Lease Homes, we aim to be a rock-solid source for new city residents. If you have any questions before you move, don't hesitate to contact us

Also, if you are looking into renting, then make sure to check our available units. We have a five-star rating on Google for a reason. Everyone here at Lubbock Lease Homes is local to the community and, therefore, has a stake in keeping our tenants happy and making your lives easier.

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