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Robert Chesser - Lubbock Lease Homes

We are Lubbock C&C.LC (doing business as I am Robert Chesser. Our team here is composed of myself, Marilyn Cone and Vince Davis. Marilyn is a business partner and Vince is my son and head of Maintenance and Construction.

I started my career in Home Building and Remodeling in 1970 in Fredericksburg Texas. After six successful years there, I moved my family and business to San Angelo where I built Custom Homes. I spent another 6 years there and then purchased a Home Building company here in Lubbock. I continued custom building for another 8 years until I went into Commercial Construction.  I did that for a couple of years until I met Marilyn and decided to start a partnership purchasing and remodeling homes for lease. We incorporated in October 1990 and have been doing that ever since.

We believe in” living in what we lease” so along with living in our homes, we try to maintain the originality of the home with updated appliances, bath fixtures, electrical, plumbing-heating & cooling systems. I believe that anyone can build a new house but it takes a true artisan to restore the ambiance of the original home, while making it as energy efficient and livable as possible.

For the future, we believe in providing the best possible customer service available and providing the most comfortable housing for our tenants. We believe that our tenants are part of our family and we always try to treat them as such.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can search for rental properties by looking at the listings in one of the Lubbock neighborhoods, using the location search, or by searching through the featured properties listed on the homepage.

Yes, you can submit a rental application through the Lubbock Lease Homes website. Offline and online applications contain the same information and are handled the same.

You can contact Lubbock Lease Homes through the online contact form or by calling (806) 771-1890.

Lubbock Lease Homes does not allow short-term rentals. All rentals are for a period of 12 months with the option to renew for an agreed-upon period of time after.

No. Lubbock Lease Homes is a property owner and rental agency located in Lubbock, Texas. We are not a real estate agency and do not facilitate the buying or selling of properties to the general public.

Lubbock Lease Homes owns all of the properties it leases with a few exceptions. Sometimes, third parties will work with Lubbock Lease Homes to lease a property. You will be notified if this is the case for any property you are considering leasing.

At the moment, we do not allow third-party listings on the Lubbock Lease Homes website.All listings on Lubbock Lease Homes are for houses we own or for people we are specifically working with in which case the property is rented through us.

No, Lubbock Lease Homes does not have a mobile app.

If for whatever reason you change your mind and wish to withdraw your application, please contact us at ​​(806) 771-1890 or through the Lubbock Lease Homes Contact form. Please be aware that we cannot return application fees.

Lubbock Lease Homes ensures that all tenant information is kept protected and will never share your data with third properties except otherwise as you consent to for the purpose of background and credit checks. Our website uses industry-standard security and has been built with proper security measures in place.

Indoor pets are normally $1000 and outdoor animals are $300. Deposits are refundable assuming there is no damage. In the event of damage to the property caused by animals, costs for repairs will be deducted from the pet deposit.

There are no breed restrictions. The City of Lubbock does have leash laws that all tenants will need to adhere to when taking their dogs outside of the home.

Lubbock Lease Homes will check your rental history, basic criminal background, and income verification.

We are primarily concerned with violent felony records, prior evictions, and any other issues that might lead us to believe you would have problems making regular and on-time payments as a tenant.

Lubbock Lease Homes will contact your previous landlord for reference. We are primarily concerned with your payment history and track record as a tenant.

Lubbock Lease Homes charges a $25 application fee for each adult applying. For married couples, there will be only a single $25 application fee.

If you are approved as a tenant, you will be required to pay one month’s deposit, first month’s rent, and any applicable pet deposits before moving in. Lubbock Lease Homes does not charge administrative or other fees.

After sending in your application, you can expect to hear back from us within 1 to 2 business days. 

No, Lubbock Lease Homes does not allow for month-to-month rentals.

Yes if it covers the rent. Rent will not be lowered.

Yes, Lubbock Lease Homes does allow Section 8 tenants assuming the cost of rent is covered. We will not lower rental fees. 

No, you will not be required to purchase renters insurance when leasing from Lubbock Lease Homes. That said, it is advised to purchase renters insurance for added protection.

Lubbock Lease Homes works with Retail Merchants and Experian for background checks and credit history checks.

Once your application has been submitted and credit and background checks sent in, most reports are returned within 1 to 2 business days.

Lubbock Lease Homes will accept pay stubs or bank deposit records as proof of income. We ask for records for the previous 12 months for the purposes of income verification.

Lubbock Lease Homes has an income requirement of at least 3 times the monthly rental costs.

Yes, you will be provided with a copy of the lease. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

After you have been approved and paid all required deposits, you will be allowed to move in within 30 days. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the move-in time.

Unless otherwise stated, tenants will be responsible for setting up and paying all utilities.

Tenants can submit repair requests either online or by phone. For emergency requests, please contact (806) 771-1890.

All early terminations will result in penalties and relevant fees outlined in your lease agreement. If you have any questions, please contact us at (806) 771-1890 or through the Lubbock Lease Homes contact form

Lubbock Lease Homes accepts checks, money orders, or online payments through the payment portal.

Guests can stay for up to seven days. If you would like to add someone to the lease, please contact us using the Lubbock Lease Homes contact form or by phone at (806) 771-1890.

Roommates are allowed at Lubbock Lease Homes properties. All tenants must have an individual lease so please make sure to contact us using the contact form or at (806) 771-1890 to discuss adding roommates.

No, Lubbock Lease Homes does not allow tenants to sublease properties. In the event you would like to change the lease to someone else, please contact us using the Lubbock Lease Homes contact form or at (806) 771-1890 to discuss changing your lease.

Lubbock Lease Homes requires tenants to provide a 60-day notice to move out in accordance with their lease agreement.

Rent is due on the 1st day of each month with a grace period until the 3rd day of each month. Late fees will begin on the 4th day of each month and will consist of $5 each day for up to 15 days.

While Lubbock Lease Homes does not require tenants to have renters insurance, we do recommend it. It is advised to work through your auto insurance provider in order to save money through bundling insurance.

Unless otherwise stated, tenants will be required to perform yard maintenance and upkeep on properties. Please contact us using the Lubbock Lease Homes contact form or at (806) 771-1890 if you have any questions or concerns.

Lubbock Lease Homes does perform pest control. If you are a current tenant in need of pest control services, please contact us using the online contact form or at (806) 771-1890. Please let us know as soon as you notice insects or rodents so that we can address the problem.

No, you may not paint any of the rooms or conduct major or minor changes or renovations to any Lubbock Lease Homes property. If repairs are needed, please contact us using the Lubbock Lease Homes contact form or at (806) 771-1890.

Lubbock Lease Homes does not have a smoking policy in place. However, if there are any damages to the property or if cleanup is necessary, all expenses will be deducted from the deposit in accordance with the lease agreement.

Lubbock Lease Homes is responsible for all routine and emergency maintenance unless otherwise specified. If you have a maintenance request, please contact us using the Lubbock Lease Homes contact form or at (806) 771-1890.

All requests are handled immediately except during irregular hours. In the event of leaks or other maintenance issue which would lead to damage to the property, requests will be handled as soon as possible.

If you have a general inquiry and would like to get in touch with us, please use this form.

Contact Form

For inquiries contact:

Robert Chesser

Vince Davis

(806) 771-1890

2435 23rd Street,
Lubbock Texas 79411

Lubbock Texas

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