FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right home can be exciting—and a little overwhelming! At Lubbock C&C, we want to make the process as easy as possible, so we assembled answers to some frequently asked questions. Since answers may differ among various properties, please contact the management office at 806-771-1890 for more detailed information.

Questions Regarding Payment

What fees or deposits are required to reserve a house or duplex?The Deposits are typically the same as one month’s lease

When will I pay each month?All payments are due on the first day of each month.

What forms of payment does Lubbock C&C accept?Cash, Check, Money Orders Or Cashiers Checks.

Can I make multiple rent payments in advance?Yes!

Questions Regarding the Application Process

How do I know if the house I want is available? Call us at the Office or check the website.

Who should complete the Rental Application? Every occupant paying on the lease.

What forms of identification will I need to provide? Drivers license or Official Identification.

Does my roommate need to complete an application, too? Every Occupant of Legal age.

How does Lubbock C&C determine whether or not they accept my application? We check with Retail Merchants, Tenant Tracker and personal references.

Questions Regarding Lubbock C&C Resident Policies

What is Lubbock C&C’s cancellation policy for leasing a house? We require a 60 day written notice before completion of all leases.

Can I sublet my apartment? Yes with written notice and the Sub-leaser must fill out and pass the Application process.

Can my roommate(s)and I split the cost of rent and pay online? Yes the rent may be split between tenants and we don’t have Online Payments available yet.

Can I transfer to a different home or Duplex before my lease is up? Yes with proper notice

How can I get a copy of my lease? Call us at the office and we will make a copy for you.

I need to break my lease. How can I do that? We require a written notice and a Releasing Fee prior to breaking your lease.

Why does Lubbock C&C limit the number of residents allowed in an apartment? Comfort, Convince, Health and Fire Regulations

Why do I need Renter’s Insurance? We Recommend it but Do Not Require It!

Questions Regarding Post Move-in

How do I set up utilities? For Electricity, Water etc. Contact LP&L @ 806-775-2509 For Nat. Gas call ATMOS @ 888-363-7427

How I do I schedule my move-in date? Call us at the office! 806-771-1890