Prepare for Spring!

As you have seen, things are coming back to life.  You and your house have survived another Winter.  The air is fresh with  new scents and your house is NOT!  Your house needs to breathe fresh again.  The first thing to do is take a water hose and wash the grit and grime off the windows, before you open them.  They have protected you all winter from the elements and molds and allergens from the fall and winter.  Here in West Texas we have a lot of wind and blowing things.  Molds and pollens are everywhere  from the farmers preparing their fields for the spring planting and trees and bushes.  Those molds and pollens are just waiting for you to open the windows so they can get inside with you.  So wash all the sand and grime from the windows and screens before you open them.

Next change your air filter.  I recommend that you get an Allergen filter for the Spring because of  the abundance of pollens that the plants and trees put out in the spring.

Next get about a small bag of rock salt and flush it down the toilet.  Through the winter trees have been dormant and are now budding out. They are also building root systems which look for water.  Most sewer lines in Lubbock are old. If your house was built before 1980 your sewer lines are probably clay tile or Orangeburg. On clay tile sewer lines are exactly what they say. They are 3’ sections of clay tile but every three feet there are joints that roots can penetrate looking for moisture. Orangeburg is asphalt coated heavy paper and subject to roots crushing them and also getting into the joints.  So by flushing rock salt (only, not table salt) down the toilet it will burn the root tips and keep your lines clear of roots.

After that spray off your house to discourage spiders and other insects from building nests or webs to keep your house fresh.  If you have any questions please  give me a call at 806 771 1890 to talk about your needs.



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