Lubbock C&C BLOG!

Welcome to the first installment of the Lubbock C&C news Blog.

It’s Summer time! 5 Things that you need to know as it gets hotter.

  1. Remember to change your air conditioner filter. As you enter and leave the house more often, more dust and dirt comes in with you. Also as you open the windows to take advantage of the cool nights and mornings, dust and pollen blows in also.
    It should be changed every 30 days! Even the 90 day filters last only half of the time.
  2. Turn your window shades up. As the sun comes in it tends to fade out the carpet and your furniture
  3. Make sure that your air conditioner compressor (outside) is free of leaves and pet hair.
    Wash it out with a water hose from the inside out. It cools by drawing air in and exhausting it up, so don’t pack the debris in the coils by squirting water from the outside in.
  4. Don’t plant trees and bushes next to the foundation. When they grow up the roots can damage the foundation.
  5. Make sure that all tree branches are at least 3 foot from your roof. As they grow in the spring they grow and tend to rub the roof and will cause leaks.

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